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Ibiza Rhapsody’s experienced and qualified childcare professionals are here to support your family’s wellbeing so you can have a relaxing day off or a romantic evening out while knowing your little ones are in capable and loving hands. If you would like an extra set of hands to help out for the duration of your trip, our team can personally accommodate that as well.

Ibiza Rhapsody Childcare Services

Ibiza Rhapsody Personal Chef Services


Enjoy the ease and comfort of dining or entertaining in your luxury villa with Ibiza Rhapsody’s personal chef service. Indulge in the culinary delights of the island and familiarize yourself with the outstanding tastes of Mediterranean cuisine. Have a craving for something more exotic? Our chefs are also trained in cuisines from around the world.

Our personal chefs use only the best local products and natural ingredients. From special meals to daily catering, all food is prepared according to your preferred tastes and dietary requirements.



Ibiza Rhapsody wants you to feel free, safe and relaxed at all moments during your holiday. Our team of highly-qualified and professional personal bodyguards will guarantee your security and privacy throughout your stay. Ibiza Rhapsody’s security services include personal bodyguards, watching over you and your loved ones, and villa and belongings surveillance, all of which can be provided around the clock. Looking for something a bit different? Our security services can be personally tailored to your specific needs.

Ibiza Rhapsody Security & Bodyguards Services

Ibiza Rhapsody Scuba Diving Services


Did you know that the waters of Ibiza have a rich and varied marine life? Submerge yourself in the incredible underwater world of the Balearic Islands. Our team of qualified dive instructors will be at your disposal and can lead you to the best places to explore the underwater treasures of Ibiza’s crystal clear waters.